Canadian Musicians Weigh In on Election Day

Canadian Musicians Weigh In on Election Day
With today (October 19) marking the Canadian federal election, countless citizens are pledging their political allegiance at ballot boxes across the country as many hope for change.

With less than 11 hours to go before the final polls close in BC, a number of politically conscious Canadian artists have been taking to social media to encourage us to make an informed decision. More importantly, they're asking us to be engaged. With advance voting turnout soaring last week, it's looking like the message has been sinking in across the country.

Among them is Grimes, who had made a voting PSA the other week but also used her blog last night (October 18) to write a bit more about the importance of this particular election.

She writes: "I know you're also probably all familiar with everything, so ill keep this simple. There are human stakes in this election. Support for the conservatives is endorsement of their decision to stigmatize & endanger minority women for political gain." You can read a fuller account over here.

Various Canadian music figures have also leapt onto Twitter for some last-minute pitches, including Stars frontman Torquil Campbell.

The rest of Stars, meanwhile, had a simpler message to spread:

Other motivated artists making please included Kardinal Offishal, Peaches, Joel Plaskett, punk band Needs and more.

Like Stars, many musicians included the #ImagineOct20th hashtag, referencing both the series of change-instigating concerts that took place across the country, as well as a desire to upend the current Conservative majority government.
  Toronto outfit July Talk have been stirring interest in the vote with their #JulyTalkVotes campaign, with the band's Leah Fay and Peter Dreimani pledging to give voters between the age of 18-25 a personalized call if they use the ballot box.

Expats left in the lurch because of voting regulations have also chimed in: Elections Canada guidelines leave polling stations open until 7 p.m. PDT.