Canada Copyright Reform Bill Reaction – Part 1

Canada Copyright Reform Bill Reaction – Part 1
Since its introduction by Industry Minister Jim Prentice on Thursday, reaction to the new Canadian Copyright Reform Bill – this $500 fine for downloading you’ve been hearing about – has been fast and furious.

First out of the gate was the Canadian Music Creators Coalition, who were quick to come down on the bill. Safwan Javed, a member, says in a press release: "As we feared, this bill represents an American-style approach to copyright. It’s all locks and lawsuits. . . Suing fans won’t make it 1992 again. It’s a new world for the music business and this in an old approach.”

While the government claims that it has that it has found a balance between consumers, musicians, and record labels, the reality is that members of all groups have expressed dissatisfaction.

Brendan Canning, another CMCC member (and co-founder of Broken Social Scene), whose forthcoming new album just recently leaked online, added: "The question is, who gains from this bill? It’s not musicians. Musicians don’t need lawsuits, we don’t need DRM protection. These aren’t the things that help us or our careers. What we do need is a government that is willing to sit down with all the stakeholders and craft a balanced copyright policy for Canada that will not repeat the mistakes made in the United States.”

Stay tuned for more info.