Cadence Weapon "Hype Man" (video)

Cadence Weapon 'Hype Man' (video)
Since the release of his 2012 Polaris Music Prize-nominated album Hope In Dirt City, Edmonton rapper Cadence Weapon (AKA Rollie Pemberton) has turned in a video here and there, but we haven't heard much from from him since last year. Now, the rapper's back with another video, this time for "Hype Man."

The video was co-directed by George Vale and Rollie himself, and finds the rapper rolling around town, cheekily parodying hip-hop clichés by asserting that he doesn't need a "hype man"; he's already got the girls, gold, cars, and fame. Of course, all those things land him in trouble come the end of the clip.

After finishing off his headlining tour at the end of last year, Cadence Weapon is playing a few upcoming shows in Toronto as part of Wavelength Music Fest and the Sirius XM Indies. Until then, check out the video for "Hype Man" below.