A.C. Newman's Daniel Radcliffe Film Soundtrack Available Now

A.C. Newman's Daniel Radcliffe Film Soundtrack Available Now
Last month, we learned that, in addition to prepping the New Pornographers' new record Brill Bruisers, frontman A.C. Newman was also hard at work on the soundtrack to a new film from Canadian director Michael Dowse (Fubar, Goon). Today, with little forewarning, the soundtrack has hit the web.

The film is being released in Canada as The F Word on August 22, though its American title is What If. It stars Daniel Radcliffe as a dude who falls in love with his close friend, played by Zoe Kazan.

The soundtrack for the film features 13 new compositions from Newman, as well as music frmo Patrick Watzon, Marsha Hunt, The Parting Gifts and Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeroes.

According to an Amazon listing, the soundtrack for the film is available today.

Thanks to Pitchfork for the tip.

What If OST "

1. The Parting Gifts "(Walkin' Through The) Sleepy City"
2. A.C. Newman "The Ballad Of Wallace And Chantry"
3. A.C. Newman "At The Movies, In The Changing Room"
4. A.C. Newman "Just Walking To The Dress Shop"
5. A.C. Newman "Hospital Happiness"
6. Patrick Watson "Into Giants"
7. A.C. Newman "Dropping Chantry Off"
8. A.C. Newman "Beach Bummer"
9. A.C. Newman "Chantry's Ticket"
10. Marsha Hunt "(Oh No! Not) The Beast Day"
11. A.C. Newman "Making A List"
12. A.C. Newman "Last Minute Travel Plans"
13. A.C. Newman "Punched Out In Dublin"
14. A.C. Newman "Booking It Back"
15. A.C. Newman "Diner Drag"
16. A.C. Newman "Packing With Dalia"
17. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes "Let's Get High"