A.C. Newman Reveals Album Title, Shares First Single

A.C. Newman Reveals Album Title, Shares First Single
The facts have slowly been rolling in for A.C. Newman's upcoming third solo album. So far, we know that the New Pornographers frontman has completed recording the release, and that he's announced a North American tour. Now, more details have trickled in.

Most importantly, we've learned that the album is called Shut Down the Streets. This was announced in a Facebook post from the artist earlier today (August 19).

In addition, Newman has shared the album's opening track, "I'm Not Talking." The song can be streamed via YouTube below, or downloaded in exchange for a Facebook "like" here.

The tracklisting for the album is available below. While we don't have a release date just yet, the album is said to be arriving in the fall via Matador/Last Gang.

UPDATE: Matador has now confirmed the album is due out on October 9.

Shut Down the Streets:

1. I'm Not Talking
2. Do Your Own Time
3. You Could Get Lost Out Here
4. Encyclopedia of Classic Takedowns
5. There's Money in New Wave
6. Strings
7. Hostages
8. Wasted English
9. The Troubadour
10. They Should Have Shut Down the Streets