Buraka Som Sistema Return with 'Komba'

Buraka Som Sistema Return with 'Komba'
Following their debut disc Black Diamond and its massive, M.I.A.-guesting "Sound of Kudoro" single, raucous Portuguese rhythm peddlers Buraka Som Sistema are coming back at us with their second full-length offering, Komba.

A press release explains that the sophomore set was created over the last 11 months, with the group composing on the road. The disc's beginnings lay in a trip to Portugal's Monchique woodlands, where they crafted the beats for album tracks "Hangover (Bababa)" and "Vem Curtir" alongside friends, including Stereotyp. From there, the band took off to London's Red Bull Studios with guests Afrikan Boy and Roses Gabor before wrapping up recording sessions in Lisbon.

The pumped-up party feel of the disc is fitting, as it follows the theme of Komba, an Angolan religious ritual "where friends and relatives honour the deceased by drinking their favourite drinks, eating their favourite food, dancing and singing their favourite songs while sharing experiences and telling stories about their life."

The PR adds, "The irony that the best party of your life happens after you're dead, and the idea that we should live every day as if it was our last one, sets the common thread for Komba."

Komba comes out October 31 via Enchufada. Below, you can stream the smooth and sexy club thumper "(We Stay) Up All Night" and watch the video for the busy "Hangover (Bababa)."


1. "Eskeleto" (ft. Afrikan Boy)

2. "Komba" (ft. Kaysha)

3. "Voodoo Love" (ft. Sara Tavares & Terry Lynn)

4. "Tira O Pe"

5. "(We Stay) Up All Night" (ft. Blaya & Roses Gabor)

6. "Hypnotized"

7. "Lol & Pop" (ft. Blaya)

8. "Vem Curtir" (ft. Stereotyp)

9. "Candonga"

10. "Hangover (Bababa)"

11. "Macumba" (ft. Mixhell)

12. "Burakaton" (ft. Bomba Estéreo)

(We Stay) Up All Night feat. Blaya & Roses Gabor by burakasomsistema