Built to Spill Detail There Is No Enemy

Built to Spill Detail <i>There Is No Enemy</i>
As expected, indie-rock jam lovers Built to Spill have officially slated their seventh studio album for a fall release. Come October 6, the long-running outfit will release There Is No Enemy via their major label home of Warner Bros.

The record was produced by ever-bearded Built to Spill front-man Doug Martsch and David Trumfio in L.A., supposedly at some old theatre converted into a studio. There are 11 tracks on the record and guests reportedly include Quasi's Sam Coomes, the Butthole Surfers' Paul Leary, Scott Schmaljohn of Treepeople, cellist John McMahon, and keyboardist Roger Manning.

Martsch has leaked out a few tidbits of info regarding the sound of the new album, saying we should brace ourselves for a slower, mellower effort than 2006's You in Reverse but also one that's a continuation of that record. There also has been mention of some kind of lingering soul influence.

The band have leaked the album art (see above). We can't say we're all too pump about it, but it is a step up from the downright dreadful image that donned the cover of You in Reverse.

As previously reported, Built to Spill have a huge pile of North American tour dates already lined up in support of the new record, including Canadian stops in Toronto on October 6 and 7 and in Vancouver on November 18. To see a complete list of dates, simply click here.

There Is No Enemy:

1. "Aisle 13"
2. "Hindsight"
3. "Nowhere Lullaby"
4. "Good Ol' Boredom"
5. "Life's a Dream"
6. "Oh Yeah"
7. "Pat"
8. "Done"
9. "Planting Seeds"
10. "Things Fall Apart"
11. "Tomorrow"