The Brood 'Deranged Love' (EP stream)

The Brood 'Deranged Love' (EP stream)
Experimental indie rock troupe the Brood are set to release their most recent EP Deranged Love next week, but Exclaim! is giving you an exclusive early listen.
Proudly waving their freak flag high, all the way from Halifax, the band don't shy away from trying new things. With an artsy, offbeat approach to music, the Brood look "the typically cheesy and saccharine love song in the eye and punches it in the gut."
Primarily instrumental opening cut "F.N.L." takes the listener down a path of swirling synths, though travels throughout the psychedelic smooth grooves are interrupted with jabs of spiky guitar. "Birthday" delivers a jangly, '80s-esque celebratory pop jam, while "I'm Giving Up on Rock & Roll" does just the opposite of what the title implies with crunchy, fuzzed-out sounds straight out of the garage.
The latter half of the six-song EP delivers the melodic, synth-charged "Hot Yoga" followed the bombastic oddball anthem "Deranged Love," coming across as part rockabilly, part electro-rock and all fun. It closes on an art-rock ode to financial responsibility with "All Debit No Credit," wrapping up a fast-paced, fun and delightfully freakish set of songs.
Deranged Love officially arrives on October 30, but you can give an advanced listen right now in the player below.