British Sea Power to Release Valhalla Dancehall in January

British Sea Power to Release <i>Valhalla Dancehall</i> in January
Last month, Brighton, UK's British Sea Power released the Zeus EP, an eight-song collection that, at 42 minutes, is significantly longer than many full-lengths. Now, the band have announced the details of their next LP, and at 13 tracks, we can only imagine just how epic it's going to be.

The disc is called Valhalla Dancehall and it will be out on January 11 via the band's longtime label Rough Trade. You can hear an edited version of synth-y lead single "Living Is So Easy" over at British Sea Power's website. According to the band, "The lyrics to 'Living Is So Easy' take in all-star clay-pigeon shoots, alongside low thrills in the high-rise towers."

Scroll to the bottom of this page to see a promotional clip in which the band speak a bit about the album and clarify, "There's not a lot of dancehall-style music on there."

The single will be available for purchase on November 29. A music video for the track is due soon. See the tracklist for Valhalla Dancehall below.

Valhalla Dancehall:

1. "Who's in Control"

2. "We Are Sound"

3. "Georgie Ray"

4. "Stunde Null"

5. "Mongk II"

6. "Luna"

7. "Baby"

8. "Living Is So Easy"

9. "Observe the Skies"

10. "Cleaning Out the Rooms"

11. "Thin Black Sail"

12. "Once More Now"

13. "Heavy Water"