Brendan Benson "Swallow You Whole"

Brendan Benson 'Swallow You Whole'
While some music fans know Brendan Benson for his role in the Jack White-equipped Raconteurs, he's also a well-established solo artist in his own right. Now, Benson has rolled out a new song called "Swallow You Whole" through Dine Alone/Readymade as part of an upcoming album.

This song is part of a project that will roll out a single every month this year, before these stand-along releases are compiled onto a new full-length vinyl release. "Swallow You Whole" is a catchy pop number that pairs acoustic strumming with a Paul McCartney-esque piano bounce.

The song officially drops on May 21, but you can get in on an early stream below. Upcoming singles include "New Words of Wisdom" and "Red White and Blues."