Brendan Benson "She's Trying to Poison Me" (video)

Brendan Benson 'She's Trying to Poison Me' (video)
It's been a while since Brendan Benson dropped You Were Right, but the singer-songwriter and Raconteurs member is keeping the momentum going with a new video for album cut "She's Trying to Poison Me."
The sentiment behind the song seems a little more appropriate for Friday the 13th than Valentine's Day, but if a man pole-dancing in a Speedo is your idea of romance, then you can add it to both your holiday playlists.
In addition to the smooth moves on the pole, there's a colourful, constantly changing background — and that's really all there is to the video. You can give it a watch below.
You Were Right is out now via Readymade/Dine Alone.