Brandon Flowers "Lonely Town" (video)

Brandon Flowers 'Lonely Town' (video)
The Killers' frontman Brandon Flowers is currently stealing the spotlight to focus on his sophomore solo effort, The Desired Effect, and the theatrical showman has now unveiled a new video for "Lonely Town.
It follows clips for "Can't Deny My Love" and "Still Want You," and harkens back to the Walkman's glory days. A young lady pops the new single into her portable cassette deck and starts to groove. It's a full-blown, one-woman dance party — complete with dancing on the dining room table, rainbow strobe lights and some very enthusiastic late-night snack preparation in the kitchen.
Things get weird when the video's star takes the trash out at the end of the clip and we realize she's been being watched from outside the window the whole time. Get your own creep on and watch the video for "Lonely Town" below.
The Desired Effect arrives on May 19 via Island.