Brandon Flowers "I Can Change"

Brandon Flowers 'I Can Change'
Brandon Flowers is, of course, the high-profile frontman for the the Killers, but he's singing about sticking to the shadows in his '80s pop-exploring solo single, "I Can Change." You can hear his new, transformative track now via a radio rip.

Despite some of its softer elements, like the tranquil backups of a choir, the song manages to hit big with its occasionally rambunctious, "In the Air Tonight"-inspired rototom drum fills, as well as its steady and impactful icicle-drip synth melodies. Above it all, Flowers' echo-slathered singing cries out for another chance, offering up a honest mantra of "I Can Change."

All told, it kind of sounds like something you'd find deep on the B-side of a Gowan record, but who could complain about that?

Push up those over-sized blazer sleeves and push play to hear Flowers' latest reveal from his upcoming The Desired Effect LP. The album officially hits retailers May 19 via Island.