Boyhood "Drivin'" (video)

Boyhood 'Drivin'' (video)
Based in the Ontario countryside north of Kingston, Caylie Runciman makes music by herself under the moniker Boyhood. She's readying a new album called Bad Mantras for release in the near future, but before details are firmed up, Exclaim! is giving you a preview of the latest material with a video for the new single "Drivin'."
The track is a gentle rock'n'roller, layering hazy vocals atop twangy guitars and peppered with perfectly punctuating bursts of percussion.
"This album is something that's taken me a long time to finish," Runciman tells Exclaim! "I had probably the most difficult year of my life so far last year (knock on wood), and was writing sporadically throughout it. The concept of, 'bad mantras' had been kicking around in my brain for a long time, and most of what I was writing ended up in this sort of simple, rhythmic style, with very repetitive, mantra-like lines of vocal parts."
And although "Drivin'" fits in with the rest of the cohesive collection of songs, it also marks an emotional high point on the album.
"While most of the songs are from the perspective of someone who was really struggling and hurting very badly, 'Drivin'' is sort of where I've ended up," she added. "I got in my car and left where I'd been at. It's a happy song. It's definitely the most positive track on the album."
The video, aptly enough, features Runciman getting in her car and driving through town at night. As we await details for the release of Bad Mantras, check out the brand new clip for "Drivin'" below.