Born Gold "I Want to Be Naked" (video)

Born Gold 'I Want to Be Naked' (video)
Last month, electro-pop wizard Born Gold (a.k.a. Cecil Frena) shared "I Want to Be Naked," the first song from his monthly No Sorrow singles series. Now, he's treated the song to a music video.

As could be expected, the song's visuals come with a wide assortment of naked bodies, all of whom attend a nude church. Frena serves as the raving pastor, and officiates a skin-filled wedding. Then, the entire room breaks into an unclothed dance party, with everyone going buck wild in the buck. All of it works very well with the hyperactive, celebratory electro-pop anthem.

Frena, who also directed the video, opened up about the process on Tumblr. Admitting that it was his first try at video editing and post-production, he shared the following statement:

one way i think the video would have been better would have been if everyone were actually naked onscreen. but given the complexity of recruitment, consent, and approval issues, i decided i would rather take an easier route (censorship), which has its own set of intractable problems. some body parts are censored and others are not.  the rationale behind that kind of decision is always going to be kind of indefensible. so instead i decided to just focus on making a thing that everyone there was comfortable and happy with. each person involved explicitly approved the final cut, so i feel proud of it though i admit that it is far from perfect. hard to make this kind of video! but i hope you enjoy it and that its carbon footprint of bummer is relatively minimal!!!

Watch the video for "I Want to Be Naked" below, and look for the next song in the singles series to arrive on August 22.