Boredoms Side-Project OOIOO Announce New "Tribal Psychedelia" Album

Boredoms Side-Project OOIOO Announce New 'Tribal Psychedelia' Album
The just-as-experimental Boredoms side-project OOIOO have announced that they'll be releasing a new album this fall. Titled Armonico Hewa, the record is their sixth full-length and first since 2006's Taiga.

According to the band, the album's title is a Spanish/Swahili hybrid that means "air in a harmonious state," with the press release calling the album "some kind of tribal psychedelia that is oddly spiritual and alarmingly urgent." And while we've yet to hear the record, that sounds promising to us.

Armonico Hewa will be released by Thrill Jockey on October 20. Meanwhile, as we previously reported, Boredoms will remain busy with a number of projects on the go.

Armonico Hewa:

1. "SOL"
2. "Uda Hah"
3. "Irorun"
4. "Konjo"
5. "Ulda"
6. "Polacca"
7. "Kipepeo"
8. "O O I A H"
9. "Nin Na Yama"
10. "Hewa Hewa"
11. "Agacim"
12. "Orokai"
13. "Honki Ponki"