Bon Iver "Inside Out" (Spoon cover) (video)

Bon Iver 'Inside Out' (Spoon cover) (video)
Bon Iver's Justin Vernon has mostly concerned himself with collaborative projects as of late, but fans of his stripped-down early work will be pleased to see that he has shared an intimate video of him performing Spoon's They Want My Soul cut "Inside Out" by his lonesome.

The clip shows Vernon playing piano and singing on a tiny outdoor stage. Despite the simplicity of the arrangement, it's not particularly organic-sounding, since the piano is run through a watery-sounding filter and Vernon's reverb-laden vocals become layered with harmonizing effects.

Check it out below. It was directed by Michael Brown and Dan Huiting.

Vernon shared this clip on the YouTube channel of his Eaux Claires music festival, which runs from July 16 to 18 in Eau Claire, WI.