Bobbypin "Unlovable"

Bobbypin 'Unlovable'
Onetime TOPS live member Alana DeVito is striking out on her own this fall with an EP from her Bobbypin project. While Sketches from a Terrace isn't due to drop until October, you can sample the record's "Unlovable" right now via Exclaim!'s exclusive video premiere.

Animated by Montreal artist Adrienne Chalaturnyk, the video pits cut-and-paste animations of DeVito's disembodied head mouthing the words to the soft, self-examining synth-pop piece with vignettes of a ladybug, a desolate winter scene, and a shifty-eyed dude taking a smoke break.

DeVito tells Exclaim! that she shaped Sketches from a Terrace after splitting from Montreal to live in Berlin. She wrote, recorded and produced the collection in her home studio, and dedicates it to the memory of her mother, who passed away last year after a long battle with cancer.

"My creative drive on this project was, in part, a way to cope with the loss, as well coming to terms with my place and identity in a world without her," she said.

You'll find the video for "Unlovable" below, along with some upcoming North American tour dates. Sketches from a Terrace will see release on October 11 via River Girls Records.

Tour dates:

09/16 Toronto,ON - The Baby G
09/20 Detroit, MI - Marble Bar
09/21 Philadelphia, PA - TBA
09/23 New York, NY - Elvis Guesthouse
09/23 New York, NY - Berlin Bar NYC
09/24 Brooklyn, NY - Gold
09/30 Toronto, ON - The Baby G
10/08 Toronto, ON - Handlebar (EP release Party) *

* with Calvin Love