Bobby Draino Announces New LP as Journeymann Trax for 1080p

Bobby Draino Announces New LP as Journeymann Trax for 1080p
When he's not performing as a member of Weed, Bobby Siadat moonlights as producer Bobby Draino. The Vancouver-based musician has yet another project up his sleeve, however, as he's announced a new album as Journeymann Trax.

This summer, Journeymann Trax will debut with Smoke Tape, a 47-minute full-length set to arrive via 1080p Collection. Though he mostly goes it alone, the album sees Trax working alongside Khotin and D. Tiffany on a handful of songs.

A press release promises "deep Pacific Northwestern vibes" on the release, adding that the "late night and voyagistic ambient electronics are damp revisitations into the lush realms of nature of British Columbia's gulf islands, full of hazy epiphanies in the forms of island-vibing tom drums, hypnogogic synth loops, emergent harp flourishes, softly acid-tinged arpeggios and generally vivid and misty rainforestial atmospherics."

Smoke Tape is set to arrive on June 23 via 1080p. The album can be pre-ordered here. Also, check out the track "Jade Tour" featuring D. Tiffany below.

Smoke Tape:

1. Jade Tour (ft. D. Tiffany)
2. Arboreal Harp Jam (ft. Khotin)
3. Inside 
4. Canopy (ft. D. Tiffany)
5. Black Forest
6. Dengue
7. Ice Sheets