Blank Dogs Compile Rarities on Collected By Itself 2006-2009

Blank Dogs Compile Rarities on <i>Collected By Itself 2006-2009</i>
In the past five years, Mike Sniper's Blank Dogs project has been one of the most prolific sources of quality lo-fi pop. Along the way, he's put out a steady stream of EPs, singles, cassettes and other hard-to-find releases. We're now pleased to report that Sniper is getting set to bring together some of his Blank Dogs rarities on a new compilation album.

Entitled Collected By Itself 2006-2009, it's due out on April 25 via Captured Tracks, the label run by Sniper himself. The collection contains a whopping 27 tracks, all of which have been remastered, and it will be released on CD and double-LP.

This is the first time that any of this material has been available on CD. Some of it hasn't been released on vinyl either. According to an announcement on Captured Tracks' website, this extensive collection still doesn't account for all of the Blank Dogs releases between 2006 and 2009.

The label writes, "All the material is prior to the Phrases and Land and Fixed era, prior to the increase in fidelity." It's said to be "under the hazey gauze of mystery and imperfect yet melodic noise." See the tracklist below and the album cover above.

Collected By Itself 2006-2009:

1. "Leaving the Light On"
2. "Slow Room!"
3. "Two Months"
4. "Before the Hours"
5. "Keeping All the Time"
6. "Freezing Styles"
7. "1480 Fox"
8. "The Tied"
9. "She's Violent Tonight"
10. "Dismorphobia"
11. "Doorbell Fire"
12. "The Other Way"
13. "Calling Over"
14. "Yellow Mice Sleep"
15. "Outside Alarmer"
16. "Waiting"
17. "My House is Red"
18. "Butler Hospital"
19. "Poison Ivy"
20. "Scenes in a New Town"
21. "Anywhere"
22. "They Said"
23. "Ages Ago"
24. "Mirror Lights"
25. "Splitting"
26. "Leaves"
27. "Stuck Inside the World"