New Black Tambourine Rarities Released for Free Online

New Black Tambourine Rarities Released for Free Online
Although they were only active for a few years in the late '80s/early '90s and never released an album, Slumberland noisemakers Black Tambourine have become one of the most influential bands in indie pop. Earlier this year, they released a 16-song self-titled compilation, bringing together all of their officially-released songs, plus a handful of demos and rarities. Now, the band have shared more rarities for free via Bandcamp.

The four songs on this release are taken from the original Black Tambourine cassette. The performances are actually the same ones that were later officially released (and appear on the recent Slumberland comp), but these original mixes are louder and even fuzzier. The songs were recorded by Barrett Jones and Upland in Arlington, VA. They were then mixed by Don Zientara at Inner Ear Studio (also in Arlington).

"Throw Aggi Off the Bridge" contains an extended feedback outro, making it 16 seconds longer than the later version. There are other differences -- the vocals are doubled on "Can't Explain" and "For Ex-Lovers Only," the reverb is less cavernous, and there is a distinct cassette crackle throughout.

The original cassette contained four more songs -- "Black Car," "Drown," "By Tomorrow" and "Pack You Up" -- but they are omitted here, because those were the same mixes that were later officially released.

It's especially nice to hear more new music from the Black Tambourine vaults considering that they released an album called Complete Recordings back in 1999.

Download the cassette mixes here.

Thanks to MBV for the heads-up.

Black Tambourine Cassette:

1. "Can't Explain (Lost Inner Ear Mix)"
2. For Ex-Lovers Only (Lost Inner Ear Mix)"
3. "Throw Aggi Off the Bridge (Lost Inner Ear Mix)"
4. "We Can't Be Friends (Lost Inner Ear Mix)"