Black Rice 'Current' (album stream)

Black Rice 'Current' (album stream)
In addition to the countless acts producer Jesse Gander has worked with over the years (White Lung, Japandroids, Bison), the Vancouverite has played in his fair share of bands, from young punks d.b.s. to current project Lesser Negatives. Landing somewhere in between was wiry post-hardcore quartet Black Rice, who have just unearthed a long-lost LP titled, ironically, Current.

Recorded in late 2004, the outfit's third full-length had been long shelved before hitting Bandcamp. Gander explained in a statement, "We couldn't stop pissin' and moanin' at one-another so rather than release it we just broke up and chucked all the music in the garbage...until now!"

As you'll hear down below, the 14-track effort motors along maniacally via Juli Steemson's high-octane beats, the broken speedometer six-string slinging of Joel Tong (What's Wrong Tohei?) and Jeff Lee (Hard Drugs, Jiffy Marker), and Gander's furious bass playing. Tracks like "Scenery," "Throat Wold" and "Fix Me Up" shuffle by with the mic being passed between various members.

You can sample the set down below, or pick it up for the price of your choice over on Bandcamp.

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