Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Detail 'Specter at the Feast'

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Detail 'Specter at the Feast'
Late last year, long-running rockers Black Rebel Motorcycle Club announced they would be delivering a follow-up to 2010's Beat the Devil's Tattoo sometime in March. The band have now fleshed out some more details by confirming the album, now titled Specter at the Feast, arrives March 19 through their own Abstract Dragon Records.

A press release notes that the band's sixth full-length outing was primarily recorded at Dave Grohl's studio in L.A., though parts of the album were tracked at the Rancho De La Luna Studio in Joshua Tree, CA, and in Santa Cruz.

It's unclear how much time the band spent recording their latest song cycle, but considering they previously noted in a Facebook post that it took "every last ounce of us to bring to life," it sounds as if the sessions were a gruelling affair.

"This record took a long time to pull together," leader Robert Levon Been said in another statement. "I think we all reached the breaking point after our last tour and needed to step back for a bit. These songs brought us back to life and gave us a second chance. I've never been more excited to play an album live before, these songs were born to be loud."

While sound samples have yet to arrive, Been told Rolling Stone that the trio took influence from Pink Floyd and Spiritualized this time around. "We wanted to attempt to take people on a ride and have songs crossfade and reach over and different tricks we'd always wanted to do," he said. "It was kind of fun to get to play around with that."

Thematically, the album deals with the death of Been's father Michael, who passed away in 2010 while touring with the band. You can see Been discuss the loss in an album trailer down below.

Specter at the Feast:

1. Fire Walker 

2. Let The Day Begin
3. Returning 

4. Lullaby 

5. Hate The Taste 

6. Rival 

7. Teenage Disease
8. Some Kind of Ghost 

9. Sometimes The Light 

10. Funny Games 

11. Sell It 

12. Lose Yourself