Black Pussy's Calgary Show Cancelled After Public Outcry

Black Pussy's Calgary Show Cancelled After Public Outcry
Portland rockers Black Pussy continue to stir the pot (and lose gigs) over their controversial band name, which many see to have racist and sexist undertones. After Calgary venue the Palomino announced a Black Pussy show earlier this week, the city's arts community responded with a great deal of criticism. Now, the venue has pulled the plug on the show.

In a statement released on Facebook and available to read below, the Palomino explained that they've listened to the arts community and decided to cancel the booking in an effort to make the venue more inclusive. It would have been the second time Black Pussy played there this year after a previous show in June.

The show was heavily protested by two Calgary groups — the Society for the Advocacy of Safer Spaces (SASS) and the Femme Wave music festival. Rather than engage in a debate with the people behind those organizations, Black Pussy resorted to sarcasm on their Twitter and Facebook pages.

It's not the first time they've spoken out against their detractors on social media. Earlier this year, Toronto's Lido Pimienta called out the band over Twitter for their name's racist/sexist implications, but Black Pussy deflected her accusations, saying the name "doesn't mean anything." Tanya Tagaq soon joined that online conversation, which led to a war of words between herself and Black Pussy.

Black Pussy have previously stated that their band is named after the Rolling Stones' "Brown Sugar" single, a song featuring a slavery theme that Mick Jagger has since gone on to regret.