Black Dice To Drop Repo in April

Black Dice To Drop <i>Repo</i> in April
After telling us late last year to be on the lookout for a new Black Dice record, the freaked-out/chilled-out Brooklynites have now spilled all the details of their fifth album proper.

Via Paw Tracks, Black Dice's Repo will hit the marketplace April 7 and comes sporting what the band call a "new roadhouse blues-band philosophy," whatever that means. The album, which was recorded with producer Nicholas Venhes (Deerhunter, Animal Collective, Fiery Furnaces) at his Rare Book Room Studios in New York, will be pressed on CD and double LP, and come packaged with a 20-page booklet of tripped-out artwork done by the band.

While speaking to Billboard in December, Black Dice's Aaron Warren said of Repo: "Most of the record is songs that we are tracking live and mixing in a traditional kind of recording process. But some of the stuff is more experimental, more home recording stuff that we've gotten into. We've messed around with that a little but haven't had the skills to do until now.

"I think [this time] everything is a little more compact, where it's a lot of ideas that are happening fast. Because we're recording in such a compacted time, I think there is a more unified sound."

Black Dice will reportedly hit the road this spring, but they've yet to announce the dates. However, they have provided the Repo tracklisting.

Here are tracks in the order they appear:

1. "Night Cream"
2. "Glazin"
3. "Earnings Plus Interest"
4. "Whirligig"
5. "La Cucaracha"
6. "Idiots Pasture"
7. "Lazy"
8. "Buddy"
9. "Inches"
10. "Vegetable"
11. "Urban Super Mist"
12. "Ultra Vomit"
13. "Gag Shack"

Black Dice "Cloud Pleaser"