​Billy Moon Announces Debut LP, Shares New Double Track

​Billy Moon Announces Debut LP, Shares New Double Track
Hamilton-based musician Billy Moon has announced plans for his debut album. Appropriately titled Punk Songs, it will arrive on September 14 via Missed Connection/Old Flame.
Before we get full details on the upcoming LP, however, Moon has revealed a double-track single to tease the impending release. Today, he's introduced us to the album material with a one-two punch of "White Shoes" and "Dingus."
It opens with the heavy, fuzzed-out garage vibes of "White Shoes," but moves into slightly more psychedelic territory for the wordier, sing-shouted "Dingus." Both tracks hear Moon reflecting on the behaviour of his younger self.
"I wrote these songs when I was younger than I am now, so I guess that makes them just like every other song that's ever been written ever," he tells Exclaim! "That said, there is a very real ugliness to them, though just because things are ugly doesn't mean they don't exist inside of you."
He continues, "I'll probably forever live with the shame of drunkenly trying to hit on a girl who was light-years out of my league (and had very little in common with me). I probably looked like a total jerk, but hey, here we are. I like to write songs about being fallible and vulnerable and comfortable with who you are and also insufferable. I also just really wanted to write a song called 'Dingus,' so I guess now I don't have to worry about that anymore."
Listen to "White Shoes" and "Dingus" below.