Billy Bragg and Wilco Detail 'Mermaid Avenue' Box Set

Billy Bragg and Wilco Detail 'Mermaid Avenue' Box Set
We already knew that Billy Bragg and Wilco would be paying tribute to Woody Guthrie once again by revisiting their Mermaid Avenue project for a box set called The Complete Sessions. Now, the group have detailed this deluxe collection, which includes an unheard third volume in the series.

As previously revealed by Bragg, Mermaid Avenue Volume III will contain a whopping 17 unheard tracks from the sessions. If you scroll down, you can see the tracklist, which includes song titles like "Bugeye Jim," "Tea Bag Blues" and "The Jolly Banker," thanks to the A.V. Club. That's the album cover for The Complete Sessions above (let's all imagine that it's a young Billy Bragg and Jeff Tweedy who are helping Woody with that sand castle).

The box set will be available on Record Store Day (April 21), and will come with a 48-page booklet with liner notes from Guthrie's daughter Nora, plus the 1999 documentary Man in the Sand, by Kim Hopkins. If you pre-order a copy from Nonesuch, you'll get a print of Guthrie's original lyric sheet for "Hoodoo Voodoo" (which came from the original 1998 Mermaid Avenue album; take a listen at the bottom of the page).

Volume III will also be sold as a separate digital download.

Mermaid Avenue Volume III:

1. Bugeye Jim

2. When the Roses Bloom Again

3. Gotta Work

4. My Thirty Thousand

5. Ought to Be Satisfied Now

6. Listening to the Wind That Blows

7. Go Down to The Water

8. Chain of Broken Hearts

9. Jailcell Blues

10. Don't You Marry

11. Give Me a Nail

12. The Jolly Banker

13. Union Prayer

14. Be Kind to the Boy on the Road

15. Ain'ta Gonna Grieve

16. Tea Bag Blues

17. I'm Out to Get