Bibio Announces 'The Green EP'

Bibio Announces 'The Green EP'
Last spring saw the release of electronic experimenter Bibio's Silver Wilkinson LP, and you'll now hear a few variations of tracks from that album on a new acoustically geared mini-collection called The Green EP.

Due January 28 in North America and a day earlier in the UK through Warp Records, the EP kicks off with Silver Wilkinson track "Dye the Water Green," with a press release explaining that Bibio padded the rest of the six-song offering with suitable material plucked from his back catalogue. The artist noted in a statement that he wanted to put the focus on the electro folk jam that is "Dye the Water Green," seeing as it is his favourite song off Silver Wilkinson, and because he has "a lot of music in my archives that would complement the track well."

For example, the EP's "Dinghy" was recorded all the way back in 2006 with Letherette member Richard Robert. The pair had apparently worked together at a pub and would bookend their shifts with jam sessions. They'd also get together offsite to work on music, with "Dinghy" being a result of their musical partnership.

"It became the norm that we'd take in our guitars before starting work in the evening and then jam together after we kicked all the customers out. Around that time we recorded a lot of stuff together, some in the pub, some in the garden, some by a stream in the woods, some at home. A lot of it was done in a super lo-fi fashion with very old cassette recorders and cheap mics," Bibio said, adding of "Dinghy," "I've always loved this track, it brings back strong memories and is a real daydream track for me."

Other tracks include "The Spinney View of Hinkley Point," the first-ever Bibio track to use live drums, which were recorded along with guitars and bass at a friend's shed in Somerset. "Carbon Wulf," meanwhile, is an improvised alternate take of Silver Wilkinson's "Wulf," as played on a baritone guitar. The rest of the set was likewise plucked from the artist's annals, and later revamped by Bibio via newly recorded vocals and the adding of instruments.

You'll find the tracklisting info down below, as well as a stream of "Dye the Water Green."

The Green EP:

1. Dye The Water Green

2. Dinghy

3. Down To The Sound

4. Carbon Wulf

5. A Thousand Syllables

6. The Spinney View Of Hinkley Point