The Beverleys "Visions" (video)

The Beverleys 'Visions' (video)
Brutal's release is right around the corner, as punky Torontonians the Beverleys will issue their new album on November 6 through Buzz Records. To hype us up for the release, they have rolled out a video for the track "Visions."

The visuals contrast the ferocity of the heavily distorted grunge-pop tune. In it, we see ultra slo-mo footage of a variety of Toronto musicians filling in for the Beverleys during a sunny backwoods performance. It features cameos from members of Dilly Dally, Bad Channels, HSY, and Sam Coffey & the Iron Lungs. The footage is rather peaceful despite the rowdy energy of the music.

It was directed by Henry Sansom. Watch the clip below.