Best Song or Single 2001 Year in Review

Baby Blue Soundcrew featuring Choclair and Mr. Mims "Love ‘Em All"

Straddling old and new schools, "Love Em All" is Can-Hop at its bumpin' best — representing not emulating. And just try to get that xylophone melody out of your head. -Joshua Ostroff

Frank Black and the Catholics "If It Takes All Night" Dog in the Sand (What Are?)

A vintage Elton John piano riff, Black's catchiest melody since "Headache," and a few nods to the Stones add up to an irresistible ode to rockin' radio. -Michael Barclay

Breeder "New York FM" (Rhythm Syndicate)

Most songs are based on a single idea — a sample, vocal, bass line or beat. Then there are songs like "New York FM," which are jammed full of ideas. In this case it was two ferocious acidic bass lines, a minor chord progression dropped straight out of heaven, and some pummelling drums coupled to skittering hi-hats — all of which combined into the perfect trance track. And if you didn't like that version, the Van Bellen mix took it in the opposite direction to the blissful, pure glide that few do well. -Philip Downey

Datsons "Thief in the Night" (Ricochet)

If you want catchy, it's either this or "Bootylicious." -Lorraine Carpenter

Destiny's Child "Bootylicious" Survivor (Columbia)

Sure they played it on every station and video channel, but still, the groove is killer! Whoever thought you could sample Stevie Nicks and make it sound sexy? -Prasad Bidaye

Fireball Ministry "Victim Of Changes" FMEP (Small Stone)

Their version of this Judas Priest chestnut is quite possibly the greatest cover ever. -Chris Ayers

Guided By Voices "Glad Girls" Isolation Drills (TVT)

Bob Pollard's hits are getting fewer and farther between, but this approached perfection. -Jason Schneider

(International) Noise Conspiracy "Capitalism Stole My Virginity" A New Morning, Changing Weather (Epitaph)

An explosive blast of in-your-face punk rock filled with politics and grooves. It also happens to be the best named song this year. -Cam Lindsay

Hating the capitalist system has never been so danceable and fun. -Dan Cohen

January "Through Your Skies" I Heard Myself In You (Poptones)

A perfect pop song. It features a stunning mix of acoustic, pedal-steel, and electric guitars combined with smooth vocals, and a great build up to the climactic finale. I can listen to it 100 times in a row without getting bored, which is an amazing feat. -Rob Bolton

J.J. Paradise Players Club "Beware The Ides Of Moose" Wine Cooler Blowout (Tee Pee)

Man, check out that first heavy riff at top volume: one of a kind. -Greg Pratt

Rob One All-Stars "Rob One Rock On" We Came From Beyond (Razor & Tie)

When Shapeshifter DJ Rob One lost his life to cancer last year, a variety of artists whose careers he touched in different ways got together to record their memories of him for this song that has only now finally seen release on Mike Nardone's We Came From Beyond compilation. With 19 MCs that include members of the Shapeshifters, Freestyle Fellowship, Dilated Peoples, and Of Mexican Descent, and a running time of nearly 18 minutes, "Rob One Rock On" is a song of truly epic proportions. -Thomas Quinlan

Pernice Brothers "7:30" The World Won't End (Ashmont)

Driving, upbeat melodic pop at its finest with a splendidly harmonised "bup bup bup bah" vocal bridge anchored with stabbing new-wave guitar à la the New Pornographers' "Letter From An Occupant." -Chuck Molgat

Polmo Polpo "Acqua/Oarca" (Audi-Sensa Recordings)

Another breakthrough in electronic music, a blend of intense instrumental composition and dense, aquatic sound. There is very little to compare this album too, other than sitting next to a beach during a ferocious storm while someone plays beats off in the distance. At some point you leap into the water and immerse yourself into a glorious world of echo. -I. Khider

Roots Manuva "Witness (One Hope)" Run Come Save Me (Big Dada)

Britain's finest MC comes correct with the finest track on his Run Come Save Me release. Complete with a spaced-out video game breakbeat, this single also spawned one of the best videos of the year. -Noel Dix

John Smith feat. Pip Skid and Josh Martinez "I'm Rollerblading"

The catchiest, funniest song of the year. Guaranteed to be on my mix tapes for decades to come. -Sam Thompson

Ben Watt remixing Sade's "By Your Side"

I could go on and on. Suffice it to say Sade's voice is unequalled and the production on this track was both sensual and energising. -Marc Roy