Best Cannabis Gifts for Your High Class Friends

BY Exclaim! StaffPublished Nov 29, 2019

Promotional consideration provided by Friendly Stranger

As we enter the holiday season, everyone is trying to figure out gift ideas for friends and family — but when it comes to cannabis accessories, it's not always simple. Some cannabis enthusiasts seem to have an accessory for just about any occasion, but if you're looking for tips on what to buy for the friend who appreciates the best-quality items, Friendly Stranger has you covered. With everything from luxury rolling papers, high-tech grinders and chic bongs, there's plenty of options available for the cannabis lover on your list.

Take a look below for six gift ideas best suited for your "High Class Friends."

Liv Brass Grinder (48North) 

A grinder is one of the most essential components of a sesh, and 48North's Liv Brass Grinder strikes a perfect balance between chic looks and usability. Designed in Toronto and made in Canada, this grinder is crafted entirely from brass and is designed to be showcased with pride. 

White Gold Papers (Shine)

There's a seemingly never-ending list of options when it comes to rolling papers, but buying any random pack as a gift for a high-class cannabis consumer just won't do. Sure, you could pick out any brand or flavour imaginable, but it's pretty rare that someone has ever tried a joint rolled with actual gold. Shine Papers offer exactly this with their white gold rolling papers, which come in a pack of two 1 1/4 sized papers handcrafted from pure edible silver and gold with a hemp blend base. 

Malua Marble Stash Jar (BRNT) 

Some people don't mind keeping their flower in the same plastic container it comes in but others are looking for something more stylish. Any glass jar is an improvement, but the Malua Marble Stash Jar is the way to go. This container has a sleek yet discrete aesthetic with split storage so strains can be kept separate and fresh right until the end.

Rachel (My Bud Vase)

If you've ever owned a bong, you've surely made a joke about it being used as a flower vase at some point — but why not have a bong that literally looks like a vase? Each My Bud Vase bong is a one-of-a-kind artisan piece crafted in a way that brings art and discretion into a cannabis consumer's home. Their unique look gives you the choice of having it as the focal point in the room or hidden in plain sight.

Session Goods Bong - Blush (Session Goods) 

There is definitely a trend for wild and complex bong designs in terms of colour, shape and overall design, but sometimes minimalism is the best way to go. If you're looking for a more modern-looking bong that is as beautiful as it is functional, consider the Session Goods Bong. It's simple design makes it a perfect addition to any modern home, and the silicone-coated base provides the extra protection needed for regular daily usage.

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