Benoît Pioulard Returns with 'Sonnet' LP

Benoît Pioulard Returns with 'Sonnet' LP
For years, Thomas Meluch has maintained a busy release schedule under the Benoît Pioulard moniker. Refusing to slow down, he's back with yet another full-length from the project.

Called Sonnet, the new Pioulard LP marks his fifth solo album overall and features 14 tracks. A press release compares the LP to '70s Krautrock, describing it as "lush and verdant" and, er, "a temperate rain forest of ear ecstasy."

Meluch also offered a statement, explaining that the album was built from field recordings he collected of "tones and unintentional harmonies" in the summer and autumn of 2013.

"A few pieces had lyrics and vocal parts that I ultimately removed; at a certain point the album became an exercise in restraint, so I strove to leave only what I felt absolutely essential," he said, adding, "Unlike most of my previous recordings, there are no digital / software after-effects on the album; all sounds are from analog tape and / or my few guitar pedals."

Kranky will issue Sonnet on March 30. The album's tracklisting is available below, along with a 90-second teaser video for the release.


1. With No Advantage
2. The Gilded Fear That Guides The Flow
3. Of Everything That Rhymes
4. Is In Its Clearest Form
5. An Image Apart From Ourselves
6. Whose Palms Create
7. As Would a Weaver
8. A Shade of Celadon
9. So Etched in Memory
10. Upon the Break Arch
11. That Wounded Weathered
12. Shut-ins on Sunday See
13. The Very Edge of its Flame
14. And Relent