Benoît Pioulard Returns with Lasted

Benoît Pioulard Returns with <i>Lasted</i>
In the two years since Portland experimentalist Benoît Pioulard released his last album, 2008's Temper, he has raised his profile by remixing artists such as Owen Pallett and A Sunny Day in Glasgow. Now, the songwriter (real name Thomas Meluch) is getting ready to roll out his third album, Lasted, on October 11.

Like his first two full-lengths, Lasted will be released via Kranky. The 14-track collection was recorded alone at home, combining field recordings with skeletal folk songs, kitchen sink percussion and droning ambience.

The tracks took shape while the songwriter was on tour, ranging from structured songs ("Shouting Distance," "A Coin on the Tongue") to brief instrumental sketches ("Gloss," "Weird Door").

You can see the tracklist below and the artwork above. The album will be available on both CD and LP.


1. "Purse Discusses"
2. "Sault"
3. "RTO"
4. "Gloss"
5. "Tie"
6. "Shouting Distance"
7. "Fluoresce"
8. "Lasted"
9. "Weird Door"
10. "Ailleurs"
11. "Passenger"
12. "Tack & Tower"
13. "A Coin on the Tongue"
14. "Nod"