Ben Gibbard Says Second Postal Service Album Is the "Chinese Democracy of Indie Rock”

Ben Gibbard Says Second Postal Service Album Is the '<i>Chinese Democracy</i> of Indie Rock”
For those fans eagerly awaiting a second Postal Service record, Ben Gibbard has a message for you: don’t hold your breath.

In a recent Rolling Stone interview, the Death Cab for Cutie front-man said neither he nor the duo’s other half, DNTEL/Figurine beat-maker Jimmy Tamborello, has had time to dedicate to the project.

Gibbard also said that, despite Tamborello recently sending him five new Postal Service demos, little progress has been made on follow-up to 2003’s glitch-pop classic, Give Up, due to Death Cab’s new Narrow Stairs album and Tamborello’s various other projects eating up all their energies.

"The second Postal Service album is threatening to become the Chinese Democracy of indie rock,” Gibbard said. "It will come out eventually, or maybe it won’t.”

Perhaps if a major soda manufacturer got behind the duo, it could spur them to finish what they’ve started. Hey, this seems to have worked with Axl.

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