Ben Frost "Rare Decay" (video)

Ben Frost 'Rare Decay' (video)
Experimental electro-acoustic producer Ben Frost released his latest full-length A U R O R A last year, and in addition to the standard album's nine songs, some versions came with the bonus cut "Rare Decay." In case you missed out on that extra cut, Frost has now released a video for it.

The song is made up of a cloudy-headed sonic patchwork of thumping drum machine kicks, whooshing synth swirls and ominous electro abstractions. The rhythms are too knotty to have a proper groove, but the darkly tense programming gives it a sense of forward momentum.

The video is every bit as disorienting as the music, as we see figures performing on stage amidst trippy black and white lighting effects. Marcel Weber is credited with lights, visuals and video editing, while Theresa Baumgartner is credited for the live documentation.

Watch the video below.