Beautiful Nothing "Stuck in Clouds" (video)

Beautiful Nothing 'Stuck in Clouds' (video)
Toronto-based five-piece Beautiful Nothing's biography states their mission: "to be a spectacle, something to look at, with the purpose of entertaining and delivering our music in exciting ways." The pop rockers certainly achieved that goal with their recently released video for "Highway to the Sky," which features a paint-splattered costume-party extravaganza. Today (September 22), however, Beautiful Nothing have raised their high-flying antics to the next level with a clip for "Stuck in Clouds," and Exclaim! has the exclusive premiere.
The documentary-style footage follows the band's pursuit to launch their self-titled album into space, tying Beautiful Nothing to a weather balloon and sending it skywards, along with a GoPro camera and GPS tracker. The tiny zeppelin went uncharted after exceeding unexpected altitudes, and with all connections failed, the crew were left anxiously awaiting their record's reentry.
The whimsical riffs and high-spirited harmonies of "Stuck in Clouds" provide an uplifting soundtrack as the balloon floats towards the sky, complete with encouraging verses from guest vocalist Alicia Cameron and rapper SayTalk. Watch the accompanying video below to find out if the mission was ultimately successful. 
Beautiful Nothing have plans to launch more material this fall, including some singles and a new EP. You can also experience their sound live at Toronto's Cherry Cola on October 14 as part of Indie Week Canada.