Beach House Reveal 'Forever Still' Short Film

Beach House Reveal 'Forever Still' Short Film
Beach House's music has a dramatic, cinematic quality, so it's only natural that the Baltimore dream-pop duo are prepping their own short film.

The band posted a few stills from the video, along with a short announcement on their website. The film is called Forever Still, and while it's unclear exactly when and how it will be released, the band plan to finish it by the middle of January.

By the looks of things, Forever Still appears to be composed of outdoor performance footage, as Beach House play tracks from this year's Bloom at picturesque locations in Texas. This means lots of dusty plains and wide open skies.

The band explained, "We performed/recorded four songs from Bloom outdoors, in various locations that are special for us around El Paso and Tornillo, Texas. The film follows the passing of one night, starting at sunset and ending at dawn. We hope to have it finished by mid-January."

Check out images from Forever Still here, and stay tuned for more announcements regarding its release.