Beach House "New Year" (video)

Beach House 'New Year' (video)
Baltimore dream pop favourites Beach House may have delivered their luscious Bloom LP last May, but the band have just dropped a timely new video for album track "New Year."

The clip features a number of home video-styled shots, capturing candid studio moments at the Sonic Ranch in Tornillo, TX, as well as some footage of playful felines, some outdoor time-lapse shots and a lupine jack-o'-lantern.

"It's more of a home video thing, not a music video," the band said in a statement. "We just thought these moments and the memories they involve fit this song. SUPER SPECIAL thanks to our wonderful assistant engineer for the session Manuel Calderon (the guy with the tequila), who filmed all the time lapses and a lot of the studio footage."

You can check it all out down below.