Beach Fossils' Dustin Payseur Launches New Record Label

Beach Fossils' Dustin Payseur Launches New Record Label
Beach Fossils have released all of their albums to date through Captured Tracks, but the Brooklyn jangle-pop aficionados now have a new label home, as frontman Dustin Payseur has gone ahead and started his own label called Bayonet Records.

Payseur started the imprint with his wife Katie Garcia, who was a label manager at Captured Tracks. Payseur told The Fader that he's always wanted to run a label, saying, "I found these cassettes from when I was a kid, where I was recording me screaming 'Fuck' into the mic over a drum machine, and I'd put like fake record label names and logos on them."

The label will release LPs, 7-inches and cassettes. It will issue the next album from Beach Fossils and counts Frankie Cosmos among its early signings.

Bayonet already has a discography of five releases up on its website, all of them due out in March. There's an LP/CD due out from Jerry Paper and cassettes from Red Sea, Warehouse and Fluoride, plus an additional digital release from Red Sea. Get more details here.

It will be a stylistically diverse company, with releases ranging from synth-pop to punk to anti-folk to hip-hop. Below, hear the new single from Warehouse.