Beach Fossils "Generational Synthetic"

Beach Fossils 'Generational Synthetic'
When Beach Fossils announced their Clash the Truth LP in December, they let loose a song called "Careless" that fit their peppy dream-pop M.O. to a tee. Now, the band have delivered another song that's a bit of a game-changer, and it's called "Generational Synthetic."

The track isn't as slathered with distortion as past work and plays by on a spacious bass melody and wave-riding surf guitar licks. Leader Dustin Payseur, meanwhile, offers some peer-bashing lyrics that question the values of his age bracket ("We're so brave, we're so real / We're so desperate, make a deal"). You can check the anti-apathy track out for yourself down below.

As previously reported, Clash the Truth drops February 19 via Captured Tracks.