BC Government Devotes $15 Million to Music Fund

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Feb 11, 2016

BC Premier Christy Clark announced today (February 11) that the provincial government is putting a $15 million grant towards the creation of a music fund, which is intended to help out various sectors of the local music industry.

Clark revealed plans for the BC Music Fund at a Music Canada event, which also featured speeches from Michael Bublé, Sarah McLachlan and more.

"BC is one of Canada's leading centres for music with talented musicians in every corner of the province," the premier said. "Our record labels, recording studios, concert venues and music festivals draw people from all over the province, the country and the world. Music develops culture, promotes talent and diversifies our strong and growing economy."

The fund will be administered through Creative BC, with a press release explaining that the money is intended to go towards the recording arts, live performance, "music tour strategy" and "industry development."

This is apparently all to "diversify BC's economy, stimulate foreign direct investment, enhance music tourism, stimulate the creation and retention of jobs and encourage increased activity in regional centres."

It's added that building up the local music industry with the fund could help bolster tourism revenue.

"This infusion into the industry will help to create jobs, position the province as a leading destination for live music and music tourism and place British Columbia more squarely on the global map than ever before as a place that understands the economic, social and cultural value of its music assets," Music Live Canada board chair Jesse Kumagai said in a statement.

He added: "BC has always been a musical powerhouse, and its competitive edge, both globally and at home in Canada, is now well-sharpened thanks to the leadership of the Government of British Columbia."

Specifics on when and where the money will be spent has yet to be revealed.

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