Autechre Reissue Long-Lost Debut EP as Lego Feet

Autechre Reissue Long-Lost Debut EP as Lego Feet
IDM pioneers Autechre issued the career-spanning EPs 1991-2002 earlier this year, but what the set didn't sport was members Rob Brown and Sean Booth's debut EP as Lego Feet. Long out of print, the rare, self-titled effort is now set to get tweaked up for a 20th anniversary edition.

Preceding their proper debut as Autechre (1991's "Cavity Job" twelve-inch), the record was originally released on Skam Records. While hardcore collectors may still scour eBay for the original vinyl pressing, regular fans of the glitchy duo not willing to pay an arm and a leg for the tunes can now grab the revamp via Phonica Records.

Pre-orders are expected to ship December 1. You can check out the embryonic Autechre sound on Lego Feet's A-side down below.

UPDATE: The release is now slated to arrive June 4, 2012.

Thanks to FACT for the tip.

Lego Feet:

1. "Untitled"

2. "Leaves On The Line"

3. "Untitled"

4. "Untitled"

5. Keyop
6. "Untitled"

7. "Untitled"

8. "Untitled"

9. "Untitled"

10. "Untitled"

11. "Untitled"

12. "Northwest Water"

13. "Untitled"

14. "Untitled"

15. "Untitled"

16. "Untitled"

17. "Untitled"