Autechre Prep Digital EP Extravaganza

Autechre Prep Digital EP Extravaganza
Glitch-loving IDMers Autechre are set to release 13 new songs this month via our old friend the internet. Starting May 19, the electronic duo will begin posting the tracks digitally over a two-week period. The 140 minutes worth of music will include unreleased versions of pieces that appeared on the recently released Quaristice album, as well as some songs included on that album’s special edition bonus disc.

The digital-only release, called, will first come out via Warp Record’s, either as a subscription deal or as individual downloads as they become available. The collection will then head over to iTunes and other MP3 retail outlets a week later as four EP bundles. The names of those EPs are:,, and (Feel like you are reading code yet?)

The whole package also comes with artwork from the design firm, the Designers Republic, who also did the artwork for Quaristice. But as we all know, the cover displayed as a little JPG isn’t going to look nearly as cool as it would on a big 12-inch piece of vinyl-encasing cardboard.

Here is the tracklisting for

1 The Plc ccc
2 Perlence range 7
3 Perlence Suns
4 90101-51-6
5 9013-2
6 Tkakanren
7 90101-51-19
8 Perlence subrange
3 9 chenc9-1dub
10 9010171-121
11 Perlence losid 2
12 notwotwo
13 Perlence subrange 6-36