Attica Riots

"Misery" on Exclaim! TV

BY Paula ReidPublished Apr 21, 2016

Winnipeg-based alt-rock outfit Attica Riots are gearing up to showcase new material off their forthcoming album, Love Sunshine & Hysteria, set to land this summer, but before they head stateside, we thought we'd catch up with the band at Toronto's Drake Hotel to capture a performance their latest single, "Misery."

Attica Riots' performance is urgent here, with an infectious energy that drives the song forward and etches it in your mind, as Bobby Desjarlais uses the spacious room to jump around as he sings. Stay tuned for more Attica Riots appearances on Exclaim! TV, but for now, check out their hard-hitting performance below in our latest episode.

Filmed and edited by Katherine Kwan
Audio by Kyle Laurin

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