Atoms for Peace "What the Eyeballs Did"

Atoms for Peace 'What the Eyeballs Did'
Thom Yorke's Atoms for Peace premiered new tune "Default" back in September, though plans to issue the song on a 12-inch single were delayed until November 19. You can now check out the funky flipside, "What the Eyeballs Did," a few weeks before the official due date.

The song features some hypnotic mumbles from the Radiohead singer, and there's an interesting juxtaposition between those droning, ambient synth washes and the busy percussive ticks. But it just may be the nimble, string-popping bass line out of famed four-stringer Flea that really steals the show.

You can sample it all below, before picking it up via XL on November 19. Also, as a reminder, the band's debut full-length is expected in 2013.