Atoms for Peace "Ingenue" (video)

Atoms for Peace 'Ingenue' (video)
Thom Yorke's love for awkward interpretive dance was cemented a few years back via Radiohead's video for "Lotus Flower," and the artist is jumping back into the experimental movement game in the new video for Atoms for Peace's AMOK cut "Ingenue."

The clip has Yorke and dancer Fukiko Takase rocking pulled-back ponytails, matching three-piece suits, and contorting around a soundstage to the moody electro tune. Throughout the routine, they bust out limbs-flitting hummingbird movements and some classic musical-styled spin moves.

Yorke apparently gets tired near the end and pulls a "Just" by crumpling into a ball and muttering out some lyrics, but the pair get back to wiggin' out for the finale. You can check it out below.