Atoms for Peace "Judge Jury and Executioner" (video)

Atoms for Peace 'Judge Jury and Executioner' (video)
We're just under two months away from the release of Amok, the long-awaited debut disc from Thom Yorke's Atoms for Peace. In case the suspense is killing you, the outfit have unveiled another album cut called "Judge Jury Executioner" and paired it with an animated video.

Audiovisual artist Tarik Barri has synched up an ever-evolving, champagne-coloured geometric landscape to the throbbing bass drum pound that drives the tune, and births CGI bubbles each time a clap-snare strikes up. As for the rest of the tune, it gets by on another wriggly bass groove from Flea, some gentle acoustic six-string plucks, and gospel-styled hummings that underscore Yorke's falsetto leads. You can check it out down below.

As previously reported, Amok drops February 26 through XL.