Astronautalis and Bon Iver Unveil Collaborative Album as Jason Feathers

Astronautalis and Bon Iver Unveil Collaborative Album as Jason Feathers
We already knew that Bon Iver's Justin Vernon was collaborating with rapper Astronautalis, and now they've unexpectedly unveiled their joint album, which they're releasing under the name Jason Feathers.

The record is called De Oro (which is the same title as their recent album trailer), and it will be released digitally in just a week (August 19) through Totally Gross National Product. CDs will drop in September and LPs will follow in the fall. Meanwhile, the whole thing is already streaming at Pitchfork.

What makes this whole thing extra unexpected is that Vernon and Astronautalis' names aren't mentioned anywhere in the project's press materials. Rather, the contributors are identified as a rapper named Creflo, a "guitar-crooning lost-cowboy" named Ephasis, a "drummer-hype-piano-man" named Toothpick, and a bass-playing producer whose name is left blank.

Based on what we've previously heard about this collaboration, we're guessing that Astronautalis is Creflo, Vernon is Ephasis, S. Carey is Toothpick and Gayngs member Ryan Olson is the no-name. Then again, with press materials this cryptic, it's hard to be certain of anything.

The press release describes the genesis of the project like this: "I guess you could say that Jason Feathers is the name of the "band," but it's also the alias that the M.C. Creflo chose for himself after the fact, going about as any washed-up and out-of-touch rapper would: proclaiming himself 'Jason,' 'Jason Feathers' or simply 'Feathers' as a means of reinventing and reigniting his failed career in hip-hop in this post digital-age."

The tracklist is below, and the album can be heard here.

De Oro:

1. Leave Your Stain

2. Young as F**k

3. Courtyard Marriot

4. Canary in a Goldmine

5. Hot Forever

6. Sacred Math

7. Cyclone

8. Pay the Guard

9. Gold Standard