Ash Announce 'Best Of' Compilation

Ash Announce 'Best Of' Compilation
    Most recently, longstanding British pop punks Ash have unveiled an alphabet's worth of singles in their "groundbreaking" A to Z series. Now, they've announced they will be releasing a collection of their hits from the last 19 years.

Simply titled The Best of Ash, the 19-track compilation will feature some of their 18 Top 40 UK hits, including a 2011 re-recording of their very first single "Jack Names the Planets." So, if you own 2002's Intergalactic Sonic 7"s singles collection, there's still enough reason to buy this one.

The big lure, however, is the special CD/DVD edition that will include the first-ever release of the much talked about but previously unseen tour documentary Teenage Wildlife, narrated by Scottish actor Ewan McGregor, of all people.

The press release has this to say about the film: "Entirely self-funded, it depicts the band's rise from local school heroes to the all-conquering band that topped the charts with their debut album 1977. Yet underneath the surface of the band's success, we see the three young musicians struggling to adapt to their new-found fame and the insane workload that a global tour of a hit album necessitates. Narrated by Ewan McGregor to a brilliantly acerbic script by the late Stephen Wells, Teenage Wildlife shows the highs, lows and debauchery of the band's initial breakthrough."

About the doc, frontman Tim Wheeler says, "It was hard for me to watch it for a while as we were going through complete nervous breakdowns trying to deal with it all as we were so young. But it's a really cool document of that whole time especially as it was a lot harder to make documentaries on the road back then and there was a lot of craziness."

Also included on the DVD are all of the band's music videos for the very first time.

The Best of Ash will be released on October 17 in the UK, to coincide with a string of dates that sees them perform 2001's Free All Angels in its entirety with former guitarist Charlotte Hatherley.

If you're still looking for more from Ash, you can also purchase a new "stereo" collaboration they've done with We Are Scientists, where the former fill the left channel and the latter supply the right channel. All sale proceeds go to help raise awareness for multiple sclerosis. You can hear "Washington Parks" below and buy the track here.