Ariel Pink & Jorge Elbrecht "Hang on to Life" / "No Real Friend"

Ariel Pink & Jorge Elbrecht 'Hang on to Life' / 'No Real Friend'
Ariel Pink's latest collaborator is Violens member Jorge Elbrecht. The pair just released a new 7-inch on Mexican Summer, and the single's two excellent tracks have now hit the web.

A-side "Hang on to Life" is a dreamy, yacht-friendly pop number filled with pillowy synths, knowingly schmaltzy melodies, a comical skit, and lyrics about screwing the pooch.

B-side "No Real Friend" taps into a similar flavour of retro cheese, with a new age-tinged blend of sounds including harpsichord, twangy guitar and warm electronics. These are balanced with some moments of creepiness and weirdness that play off the melodic sweetness.